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Instructional Development Unit (IDU)

IDU Mission

The Instructional Development Unit is responsible for:

  • preparing resources and referencing material on the latest developments in the area of teaching and instructional methods and approaches,
  • providing recommendations of the role of assessment, methods of assessment, and generating rubrics,
  • organizing training courses, seminars and workshops on TL ,
  • preparing and updating appropriate teaching and learning policies & implements and promotes PSU Learning and Teaching Quality Framework, coordinates local and international program accreditation efforts.

IDU Coordinators

  • Mr. Ian Rennie, Director of English Department, phone ext: 8640, Office: E216 [homepage] [profile]
  • Dr. Hala Ismail, English Department, Tel ext: 8623, Office: xxxx [homepage] [profile]


E-Learn Mission

The Instructional Technology Unit is responsible for:

  • Providing the technological assistance to faculty in improving the course delivery and management (from smart boards up to LMS).
  • Assessing the faculty needs in their teaching related to technology and provide up to date systems for improving learning outcome.
  • Providing support and technological resources to enhance classroom experience.
  • Training faculty and students on all relevant technologies.
  • Providing technological support for collaboration and group learning.
  • Providing and promote e-Learning systems.
  • Providing resources to build multimedia course content and train faculty on the use of these resources.
  • Providing resources and training to build online web-based course content.

E-Learning Coordinators

  • Mr. Muhammed Murtuzar Rehman, Lecturer, College of Computer and Information Sciences, phone ext: 8281, Office: TLC-Rm2 (located in MEGDAM area)
  • Ms. Fatin Al-Mobarak, CIS Lecturer, College of Computer and Information Sciences, College for Women, phone ext: 8323, Office: 312

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