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FAQs for PSU - LMS

In this page, the TLC provides answers to the frequently asked questions and concerns of faculty members regarding the use of the LMS at PSU. This page is updated continuously upon new questions received and answered. The questions and concerns are basiscally collected from the LMS usage survey.

The LMS is very slow when I use it in the University.

Yes, we reported this problem to the ITCS and they are working on improving the responsiveness of the LMS system. This is mainly due to the increase of the number of LMS users, which makes the server less responsive. One possible way to improve the speed when you access the LMS at the University is to use Intranet connection (not Internet) for accessing the LMS on campus. You can type the following IP for accessing it on campus: you can go to the PSU intranet portal by typing http://web/psu/default.asp or just “web” on your browser then click on “LMS-Learning Management System” link on the top left corner. It will open the LMS using intranet.

My course’s student list is not updated.

In principle, students list is uploaded automatically by the LMS administrator. In case of problems, contact the LMS administrator suzair@psu.edu.sa Alternatively, you can add/remove students by yourself by going to the “user” then “Enroll User” link on the left.

Do I have authority to add/remove students from my LMS course?

Yes, this semester you are given this authority. If needed, you can add/remove the student from your LMS-course by going to the “user” then “Enroll User” link on the left.

Who should I contact when I need help for LMS?

Every college has an LMS coordinator; you can get initial help from them. You may ask the dean of your college or the department chair about the LMS coordinator. If the LMS coordinator cannot solve the problem (in particular for technical problems), then you may contact E-Learning for teaching help (itu@tlc.psu.edu.sa) or ITCS for technical issues (suzair@psu.edu.sa).

Are my files and student’s data are secure on PSU-LMS?

Yes, those are secure. PSU-LMS is hosted locally and all files/data you upload goes to the server that is located in house.

My course is not showing up on the LMS, who I need to contact?

At the beginning of every semester, ITCS loads the offered courses along with enrolled students on LMS. If for any reason it is not showing up on your LMS login then please contact ITCS (suzair@psu.edu.sa) for having it resolved.

I forgot my password for PSU-LMS, what should I do?

PSU-LMS id/password are the same as the Windows password you use for your work computer. If you forgot your Windows password, you can get it reset by contacting ITCS office.

Can I invite other teachers to see and use my course but not able to modify?

Yes, you can add others as “Non-editing teacher” for using your course material. They will be able to use it but can’t modify it.

How many types of user role are available in PSU-LMS?

There are four user roles in PSU-LMS:

  • Teacher
  • Non-editing teacher
  • Student
  • Guest

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