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The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) at Prince Sultan University was established in September 2012 to promote excellence in teaching at all levels and excellence in student learning outcomes. The goal of the TLC-PSU is to ensure a professional commitment of faculty members and teaching assistants and implement an excellent teaching environment at the University.

We aim at fostering effective teaching that goes beyond the content-based approach that merely relies on the transmission of information, towards a more focused outcome-based approach where the learner and the outcomes he is supposed to achieve are the core of the teaching process. Indeed, successful teaching and learning approaches are able to effectively attract the attention of students and convince them about the relevance and importance of what they are learning.

TLC Mission

The main aim of the TLC is to work with faculty, students, and staff to promote instructional excellence at Prince Sultan University through the use of emerging technologies (e-learning, LMS, etc…) evidence-based pedagogy, the latest research on learning, engagement, and instructional innovation. In addition to providing one to one support for instructors, the center collaborates with academic departments and divisions across the University to sponsor workshops, seminars, and peer mentoring on all aspects of the teaching and learning processes.


  • Leadership and continuous support for Teaching and Learning: The center will be a proactive leader and provide all types of support to improve and enhance the processes of Teaching and Learning
  • A primary resource for material on Teaching and Learning: The center will provide the best of resources to support good practices
  • Engagement: The center is committed to the success of students and the values of PSU mission
  • Innovation: The center will encourage and support innovation in the area of Teaching and Learning

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