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Solving Teaching Problems in a series of brainstorming workshops for PSU faculty members in which a teaching problem is discussed among participants and recommendations to solve the problem are proposed and implemented. The objective is to bring together faculty members at PSU to exchange their experiences about teaching problems they faced and how they solved them, and discuss among participants the different alternative on solving such problems. At the end of each session, participants should agree on a set of recommendations to solve a discussed problem. These recommended actions should be implemented by faculty members and report about their effectiveness.

The teaching problem discussed and recommended actions will be posted in this page to share among all faculty members at PSU.

Workshop Strategy

There is no formal presentations in the workshop, but focused discussions between faculty members on a particular teaching problem. First, the teaching problem is introduced by the workshop coordinator to participants. Then, discussions starts between faculty members on the following issues:

  • their prior experience with such a problem,
  • what are the possible reasons for the problem
  • identify possible strategies to address the problem

After the brainstorming discussion, the workshop coordinator should coordinate with participants to write a report about the teaching problem, with the possible reasons and the recommended strategies to solve the problem.

Next Gathering

  • Category: Attitude and Motivation
  • Topic: Poor Student Performance
  • Date: THU April 24, 2014
  • Time: 09 am -10 am
  • Location:
  • Description: This session of the workshop will tackle the following teaching problem "Poor Student Performance". The objective of this workshop is to discuss the main reasons that make students exhibiting low performance in their studies and exams. Low performance has several facets including non interest, lack of motivation, delays, cheating and plagiarism, high absence ratio, non submission of assignments and projects, etc. The idea of this brainstorming workshop is to share experience among faculty members about low students performance cases, discuss them to find possible solutions and come up with recommendations to be implemented to promote students performance.


Solve a Teaching Problem, Carnegie Mellon University

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